United Tax Network Worldwide – Global Expat Solutions
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Accessible Expat Solutions

Global expansion has become an important issue for the current and future existence of many companies. While globalization presents greater talent sourcing opportunities for many companies, it also creates challenges due to the shortage of talented employees in many locations. In recent years, the barrier of assigning employees has gradually been diminishing in some regions as certain regions and trade pacts have been formed with the common goal to increase commerce between countries. However, at the same time, governance and compliance have increasingly become a focal point for mobility programs due to stricter rules of local authorities.


We understand these challenges as well as the challenges companies have to face when working with conventional global mobility tax providers. We strive to make global expat solutions available for each multinational company and their expatriate employees by our approach, summarized as follows.


  • We respond on a timely basis and speak your language.
  • We do our best to adapt your business culture in our tailor-made advice and solutions.
  • We act as your strategic business partner.
  • We take care of compliance on a timely and pro-active basis.
  • We streamline our processes in accordance with business needs of clients.
  • We are flexible and can adapt to changing circumstances.
  • We charge reasonable fees.


We stand by our services and take responsibility for our work. We believe in tailored and result oriented advice in clear language. We go beyond conventional methods when analyzing and (re)creating interaction between the various disciplines and providers involved with global mobility. We have a long standing history and proud heritage in expat consulting and believe that advising needs to be more than reports but should lead to measurable results.


We are inspired by our clients, our people and the changes in the world. We believe in developing a business environment that gives opportunity to our people to expand and execute their ideas through close business relationships with our clients. Our expertise and constant exposure in developing and executing customized strategies for our clients grants us a unique position to understand their (future) requirements, capabilities and working culture.